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Translating documents is our forte. Businesses need partners with the experience, talent, and know-how to get their jobs done the right way every time. That's why businesses depend on the Cambridge Translation Co. We'll translate your documents, guarantee the security of all sensitive information, and save you time and money. When you need real experts, we can help.

Services charged per word.

Rates vary by language.





It's now more important than ever to harness the power of the Internet in order to market your products and services to a global audience. That's why you need professional translators to localize your website. Did you know that the vast majority of web users around the world access websites written only in their native language? Take advantage of untapped markets. Expand your global reach.

We can help.

Service charged per word.

Rates vary by language. 



Perhaps you have a little language know-how of your own, but require some professional flair to make your prose really stand out. Or maybe that professional translation you ordered from another provider really wasn't all that polished and professional. You might just need a skilled editor!

We can help.

Service charged per hour.

Rates vary by language.



​When what you really need is a solid, detailed summary of an article, website, letter, or other document, we offer flexible services to save you time and money. Summarization is especially popular with career academics and researchers who need to grasp the gist of foreign-language research materials in order to incorporate otherwise inaccessible research into their own studies. 

Service charged per page.


We transcribe many types of audio recordings, including physicians' dictations, corporate meetings, and legal depositions. Our professionals are trained and skilled at differentiating multiple voices and can easily distinguish difficult accents and dialect variations.   

Service charged per 20 mins. of audio.



We're pleased to offer you interpreters for any occasion. When you order interpreting services through us, you have access to one of the world's most comprehensive networks of professional interpreters.

Service charged per hour.

Three hour minimum order. 


Desktop Publishing

​Whenever you need any kind of typesetting, page layout, or page design services, we're here to help. We handle all common formats and make use of the latest versions of all the most popular DTP software. And there's never any reason to go anywhere else when you need someone to ensure the consistency of the designs and translations in all of your marketing and promotional materials. We can harmonize it all, despite those unavoidable variations in text length that arise from the translation process.

Service charged per hour. 

Multi-Cultural Marketing

In today's market, successful companies need to communicate effectively and consistently to diverse audiences from many different cultures. Our experts can help you coordinate your marketing strategy so that it resonates with your customers wherever they might be located. We are sensitive to the countless nuances of language and culture. Bridging the gap in human understanding - that's what we're all about.  

Service charged per hour.

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