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The Key To Your Success

The Cambridge Translation Co. is a highly respected provider of professional language services for business of all sizes. Our translators’ experience and expertise can help your company grow and gain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace. Whether you require document translation, editing, website localization, subtitling, or any other of our numerous text and language services, we are always delighted to help you. We offer solutions that fit any budget, and our quality is second to none. We also provide interpreters and a range of research support services through our envied network of qualified partners.

Because we are committed to providing you with no less than the finest language services available, we take our mission very seriously. Not only do we follow special procedures carefully designed to safeguard your documents, but we also take additional steps in order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final results of all the services you order. In sharp contrast to most of the competition in the language services market, the Cambridge Translation Co. is entirely owned and operated by career professionals who have extensive personal experience in the art and science of translation. This truly sets us in a class all our own when it comes to understanding what it takes to do a translation right the first time, from start to finish. By following our special methods and procedures, we are one of the few providers that can protect you from unforeseen liability and save you a lot of additional cost, time, and frustration down the road. Countless businesses rest assured knowing that they can rely on the Cambridge Translation Co. whenever they need their projects translated on time, within budget, and in a manner that guarantees the safety of sensitive information found in their documents. Our services spell success for businesses just like yours. Contact us today and see how getting the right language experts makes all the difference.

Unparalleled Security Procedures

We fully understand the vulnerabilities you could face if your sensitive information were ever to be compromised in any way. That's why we always follow the strictest procedures in the industry to safeguard your electronic documents. While many translation firms will "crowd-source" your data to thousands of anonymous service providers in order to meet tight deadlines and maximize their own profits at your expense, we whole-heartedly reject such practices. Not only do they expose you to the unexpected risks of data theft, identity theft, and leaked trade secrets, but they also cost you more money over time and result in a poorer level of service overall. Unlike our competitors, we simply refuse to compromise on security or service. Whenever you order services from us, your sensitive data will be only be shared with the professionals needed for the timely completion of your project, and your files will only be stored on secure, encrypted servers. Businesses cannot afford to lose their secure data. That's why they turn to us for their translation needs.          

Every Second Counts

In business, time equals money. The business world demands certainty in order to plan and compete effectively in the marketplace. The Cambridge Translation Co. helps make every second count for your business by minimizing your uncertainty over document deliveries. We facilitate communication between all our workers at all stages of production, thereby eliminating unexpected delays that could cost your business money. Our streamlined approach enables us to get the job done on time and within budget. Where other companies lack control over most of the translation process, we maintain direct control which enables us to keep our word to you when we commit to delivery times. It's time to avoid unexpected and unwelcome surprises. Count on us instead!

Expand Your Global Reach

We connect you to a world of possibilities and enable you to market to new audiences, interact with new partners, and forge new relationships all around the globe. Differences in language and cultural outlook are no longer the obstacles they once were. Peoples and places are more connected now than ever before. While only a small handful of the many thousands of languages alive today have emerged as international standards, the vast majority of our planet's inhabitants still prefer to communicate in their mother tongues. Harness the power of our modern networks and language experts. Put them to work for your business. See how getting connected will help drive your company forward in the years ahead.  

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