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Resources for Translators

Here you will find documents, links, programs, and countless other resources intended to help translators improve their skills and produce better work. Check back often as we will be adding new materials every week.

Assessment Guides


Dictionaries & Word Lists [N.B.: This page is still under construction; links will be sorted and indexed soon.] 

Anastasiadi-Symeonidi Reverse Index (ΑΝΤΙΣΤΡΟΦΟ ΛΕΞΙΚΟ ΤΗΣ ΝΕΑΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ) (Persian Online Dictionary) (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) (multilingual German dictionary; especially useful for technical terms)​​ (practical and convenient Farsi dictionary)

Dictionary of Modern Standard Greek (invaluable resource for the sheer abundance of examples in nine major languages) (Italian-to-Italian dictionary) (rapid, easy-to-use multilingual dictionary that provides basic meanings in a readable table) (basic, rapid Farsi dictionary)

Georgacas, Modern Greek-English Dictionary

Grand dictionnaire terminologique (language database of the Office québécois de la langue française) (German-Hebrew / Hebrew-German dictionary; basic meanings presented in table layout) (elementary English-to-Korean dictionary with basic meanings in table format) 

Korean Multimedia Dictionary(fun, interactive learner's dictionary with clear audio pronunciation of words) (basic, rapid Greek dictionary) (French-to-French dictionary, several bilingual dictionaries, verb conjugator, encyclopedia) (context-based German web dictionary and search engine) (very good HE>HE, HE>EN, and EN>HE dictionary with many examples of usage) (thorough multilingual dictionary with many useful examples to illustrate proper usage) Gyldendals Røde Ordboger - (excellent subscription-based Danish dictionaries) Den Danske Ordbog - (exhaustive Danish-to-Danish dictionary) (nine Italian dictionaries of varying quality, plus a basic Dizionario di Latino; the Dizionari di Lingua Italiana and the Italiano-Inglese / Inglese-Italiano are good resources; other dictionaries are a bit short on examples) (Spanish dictionary and verb conjugator)

termium plus (Canadian government's terminology database for English and French)

Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary (scanned images of this famous English-to-Ancient Greek Dictionary) (very basic EN>KO and KO>EN dictionary; meanings given in table format; premium content by subscription) 

Text Databases​

BIBLIOTHECA AUGUSTANA (large collection of European literary and historical texts)


DIGILIB.AM (Armenian texts)


LATIN LIBRARY (library of Latin texts from ancient to early-modern times; includes many specimens of Neo-Latin)


LIB.RU (largest Internet library of Russian texts; created and maintained by Runet guru Maksim Moshkov)

PERSEUS DIGITAL LIBRARY (library of classical and other texts, with various tools for lexical and morphological analysis)​

TITUS Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien

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