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Solutions for Every Budget

The Cambridge Translation Company offers professional translation services for every budget and provides solutions for as many different purposes as possible. There are five different pricing options based upon the amount of work that must go into the final translation. A translation's quality will always depend on a number of factors:

- the skills, qualifications, and experience of the members of the translation team

- the areas of specialization and training of the members of the translation team

- the ease of communication among all the members of the translation team

- the number of specialist consultants who review the translated document

- the number of members that make up each translation team​

- the number of post-editing stages and the scope of each

- the amount of time spent on each stage of production

- the number of times the document must be revised

​- the format and legibility of the source document

- the ancillary tools used by the translation team

- the quality of writing in the source document

- the subject matter of the source document

- the amount of special research involved


With so many variables, achieving the right balance

of QUALITY, COST, & SPEED can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, we've already done all the hard work for you!


The five service levels correspond to your various needs. To determine what service is best, read the descriptions below then select your option and send us your documents. If you are unsure as to which level is right for your needs, provide a detailed description of your project and our sales team will select the best option for you. Ordering professional translations has never been so easy!     


The Platinum level is for projects for which time and cost are not your primary concens, but quality and polish certainly are. Platinum translations involve a high level of care and attention to detail. We recommend this level especially for materials that are intended for publication.



Gold translations are a superior service that will meet your expectations and satisfy the most critical readers. Recommended for cases in which additional research is necessary, such as with medical reports, patents, technical articles, design specifications, product information inserts, software, instruction manuals, etc.


Silver translations are the right solution for most projects. This level gives you a highly readable and accurate text at a competitive price. Recommended for marketing materials, contracts, power-point presentations, news articles, professional websites, business correspondence, diplomas, etc.​ 


Copper translations are a cut above our most basic Iron offering. The translator spends more time on getting it right, and the proofreader will catch a lot of errors, omissions and inconsistencies during the review stage. Recommended for straightforward writing as found in personal websites, internal memoranda, newsletters, personal e-mails, expense reports, etc.  



Iron is a rough but still usable service level. Iron translations are typically suited for only the most general purposes, as in situations where you really only need to get at the meat of the matter and grammar, spelling, and consistency are not your primary concern. These translations are done very fast, by a single translator, or multiple translators working separately, without any editing or post-editing stages. 


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